Impexfire Ultra Fire Brick Wood-Fired Oven Repair Paint

Impexfire Traditional Wood-Fired Ovens

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Product Overview

Fix your brick oven with the Ultrafire Repair Kit

Don't you just hate it when you get a little superficial crack in your brick pizza oven dome? Even though it doesn't affect your oven's cooking performance, you might think it looks bad! The Ultrafire Repair Kit will help repair your oven's cracks in no time.


Ultrafire brick oven repair kit is a silicone-based paint-like product made specifically for repairing the outside of refractory cement wood-fired ovens. This is the same Ultrafire brick oven repair kit that comes standard with our Portuguese brick ovens. Ultrafire should not be used on the inside of your oven.

Use standard fire cement for cracks over 1mm and over coat with this product.


400 ml (enough to treat 100cm oven)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review