Heavy duty adjustable Foot Brace (Pair)…

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Product Overview

Easy to adjust , pull on the red plastic knob, position the pedal at the point you feel more comfortable, release the ring, push slowly on pedal, feel the click and you are ready.

This heavy-duty foot brace is probably the most reliable and resistant adjustable foot brace system available.

Ends on the slide guide avoid pedal to be released and loosened when geared on boat. Maintenance free, corrosion resistant and salved to the action of build-up of salt and sand.

Recommended use for: 320mm of adjustable foot brace with positions each 25mm. Designed to retrofit most existing foot brace systems.

By disassembling the locking mechanism, can be used as sliding rudder control. Assembly with two 6mm diameter screws and 6mm nylon stop nuts not included (Recommended screw: Din 965, Din 966 or Din 7991)

Produced in fiberglass reinforced nylon (Polyamide) for the slide guide and pedal, stainless steel material for the locking mechanism.

Colour: Black.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review