H2o Flame Asymmetrical Kayak Paddle 220cm Orange/Swirl 2 Part

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H2o Flame Asymmetrical 220cm Paddle (Two Part Orange swirl) This is a great economically priced paddle which is Durable...Versatile...and inexpensive! this two piece Paddle is 2.2 metres long, it has a lightweight aluminium shaft and heavy duty and plastic blade (46 cm x 18 cm) Its two piece construction allows you to adjust the paddle rotation. finished with black sleeve grip handles and drip rings. Quick release 3 button design separates paddle for easy storage and adjustment. Suitable as a backup or starter paddle for novice and accomplished kayakers alike. New feathered blade design allows for a more efficient stroke Two piece construction for easy storage 3 locking positions for ease of use Adjustable drip guards Vinyl grips for comfort Comes in 3 popular sizes Blade angle adjustable, 3 positions: 0 Degrees In Line 65 Degrees 75 Degrees Not Recomended for white water use. Weight 950 grams Blade is 45cm Long x 18cm Wide Floats


(No reviews yet) Write a Review