Clam Cleat Large Line-Lok Black 1 CL271/R


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Product Overview

The Clamcleat® CL271 Large Line-Lok® cleat uses advanced tooth technology to securely hold all types of ropes and lines from 4mm to 8mm diameter. Ideal for large tents, hammocks, canvas structures antenna and aeriel masts. Quick and easy to tension and release. Will not shake loose, even in extreme conditions. Out-performs traditional alloy and plastic guy runners. Pack of 1 black Large Line-Lok® plus instructions. Weight: 27gm (0.95oz)

Technical Details   Metric Imperial
Rope Diameter 4 - 8mm 5/32 - 5/16"
Material Nylon Nylon
Hole Centres N/Amm N/A"
Length 68mm 2 5/8"
Width 23mm 7/8"
Height 48mm 1 7/8"
Bolt Size N/A N/A
Screw Size N/A N/A
Weight 28gms 0.98oz





(No reviews yet) Write a Review