Tahe Blue Tobago 2 + 1 Person Sit On Kayak Includes Back Rest and Paddles

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Product Overview

The Tobago is the perfect kayak for family outings and general use. It offers several possibilities: 1 or 2-adult paddling, with 1 or 2 children seated on the central section, shaped like a motorbike seat. There is also space for a bag or container. The fluid hull lines mean it’s also well suited to sport kayaking, all in complete comfort and safety. The Tobago comes with a wheel at the rear, for easy transport in car parks, bow protection and elastic straps to secure your equipment. The Tobago is a fast, stable and comfortable sea kayak.

All the integral production fittings of BIC Sport kayaks are top quality to guarantee durability and paddle comfort

• Foam seat pads = improved paddle comfort
• Rubber-coated front and rear carry handles = easy carrying on land
• Protective rear bumper = protection from knocks and easy launching
• Removable rear trolley wheels (Java/Borneo) or casters (Bilbao and Tobago) = easier transportation on land
• Life lines = easy to climb back on board
• Elasticated straps = simple, secure storage for bags and water bottles
• Storage net = stores your essential equipment within easy reach

Super Solid Build Quality

BIC Sport’s exclusive Twin Sheet Technology (TST) thermoforms two Polyethylene sheets in an aluminum mold and is used to build our kayaks and Dinghies. The deck and hull sections are formed and sealed together in one single operation, resulting in an incredibly durable boat. The joint line of the two sheets fuses together to become the most durable part of the boat. This process creates a product that is extremely solid with an exceptionally smooth, UV-resistant finish.


• Highly versatile kayaks equally well adapted to beginners and experts.
• Super-safe and stable THD hull design (similar to a trimaran) with fine profiled tips for excellent water penetration and glide.
• Wide rear storage area with integral elasticated straps for carrying more equipment.
• Removable rear bumper/protector with integral roller for easy transportation, even solo.

Length: 395 cm
Width: 84 cm
Weight: 32 kg
Max. load: 250 kg








(No reviews yet) Write a Review