Sun Dolphin ® American 12 Jon Boat Drab Green


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American 12 Jon Boat (Drab Green Beige)

Great for Fishing, Shooting or Just having Fun! The fisherman friendly KL Industries® American 12 Jon boats have reinforced front and rear motor mounts with battery storage locations fore and aft. Recessed drink and tackle holders, 4 rod holders and oarlock sockets. Lightweight and easily transported, with room for all the tackle and a cooler for supplies, for when they're biting too good to go home early. Made from rugged UV stabilized Fortiflex® high density polyethylene with built-in closed cell polystyrene foam floatation for a maintenance free boat. Flat bottom hull with hard chine's allows shallow draft and stability.
Affordable-Portable-Impact Resistant-Virtually Maintenance Free
Deck and hull covered by a Two year Manufactures warranty.
Designed for  small lakes, rivers and canals etc CE category D.
 American 12 Jon Boat Features:

Rugged UV-Stabilized High Density Fortiflex Polyethylene deck and hull with foam flotation
Fuel storage area
Hull and Deck two part construction
Protective vinyl rubrail
Recessed drink and tackle holders
Battery storage location fore/aft
Built-in front motor mount (wood reinforced)
Extra storage area
Exclusive  design ensures rigidity
Large seating area
Oarlock sockets
Four rod holder locations
Built-in rear motor mount (wood reinforced)
Rugged UV-stabilized High Density Polyethylene deck and hull with foam flotation
2 Year Limited Warranty
Recessed grip wells for easy transport
Shallow draft flat hull design
Meets US Coast Guard Safety Standards
CE  (Category  D)  
Category D Boats designed for trips on small lakes, rivers and straits, during which the wind may blow up to and including Force 4 on the Beaufort scale and the waves may reach 0.5m significant height at the very most.

Length:              12'            3.66 m
Width:                52"           1.32 m
Bottom Width:    36"           91  cm
Height:               21"           53  cm
Weight:              110lbs      50  kg
Capacity:            510lbs      230 kg     (Inc Outboard and Luggage)
Maximum            2 Adults   193kg
HP rating:           6HP
Material:             HDPE

Price Includes:  Two oars & Oar Locks  

Made in The USA