Shock Cord End Hook 6mm (Pack 4)



Shock Cord Hook Pack 4 (6mm/5mm Shock Cord)

Black  ideal for replacing/adding to your Kayak, Boat or Canoe for rigging bungee cords or making custom paddle clips etc.

Extremely simple two piece, click-together, design offers ultimate ease of use but makes a very secure fix to a strong, lightweight, hook. Suitable for 5 and 6 mm diameter elastic shock cord. The all-plastic design produces a corrosion free assembly ideal for outside, sports, camping, automotive and marine use.  To assemble simply slip the collar over the cut end of the cord, insert cord into hook and push the collar onto the hook. Two spring out clips on the hook engage with lugs in the collar to form a neat and secure fixing. You will need pliers to separate and join the Two parts together.