Red H2o Heavy Duty Monoflex ™ Paddle/Rod Leash Kit Twin Pack



Red Twin Paddle Leash Kit - Makes 2 leashes at 2m or below, assembly required.
Each kit includes Instructions (1) 4 m Quality Monoflex ™ Bungee,(2) 6mm End Stoppers 
( 2) Super Strong End Hooks (2) Shock Cord Sleeves .
TOOLS  REQUIRED: Pliers, Sharp Knife 
This kit uses Monoflex™ single core natural rubber shock cord with anti-uv protection,  PE monofilament polyethylene braiding,  Monoflex™ is  very durable and will provide years of service. It has excellent resistance to Ultra-violet radiation, good abrasion and decay resistance, and is colour fast .
 Hooks supplied with these kits correctly assembled and fitted have superior strength  characteristics than many  metal  hooks.
Technical specifications :
Minimum force daN required to remove hook from cable : 
For the 8 mm dia. cable PE covering 30 daN
Tolerance +/- 15%