Maximus Red Wood-fired Pizza Oven With FREE COVER



This Portuguese wood-fired oven and can be used to cook pizza, bread, meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. The oven has 60 x 60 cm internal cooking space and measures 70 x70 x 98 cm high including removable durable stainless steel flue.

This oven weighs 59 Kg,  with bricks removed  39 Kg (a manageable lift for two people). These ovens are designed to retain heat and are very well insulated (as ovens should be) and are not suitable for external heat source (avoid ovens that our advertised as such). The cooking floor has fire brick tiles under which is a ceramic blanket to provide heat  insulation/ retention for your cooking . The oven is protected outside with a aluminium  skin in finished either black or red. Oven opening 37cm x 22 cm  

The Maximus oven has an innovative design with a stainless steel baffle.. The baffle allows the hot smoke to travel back to front inside the oven consequently extracting more heat for cooking and releasing cleaner emissions into the air. This is the same system utilized in most modern EPA heating wood burning stoves. Flue pipe is European  standard 140 mm.


The Benefits The Maximus wood-fired oven has several beneficial features compared to traditional precast, clay or brick ovens:

Weight – a traditional brick oven can weigh upwards of  500 kg which makes it a difficult to install (requiring forklifts or cranes etc) or has to be built  in situ, both these options are costly alternatives to the 59 kg Maximus (which you can even take it with you if you move house)

Cracking - nearly all clay, brick, and precast ovens develop some degree of cracking caused by heat and cold weather. Normally these cracks are not an issue to the general performance of the oven, over time however water and frost can have a further detrimental effect  on performance and appearance. Compare this to the Maximus which has a front cast from high quality refractory cement, internal stainless steel liner all of which is protected by an aluminum external skin.

Quick heat up time – the thermal mass of a small traditional brick oven can take at least 1.5 hours to heat up. In comparison the Maximus can reach 350-400 in only 30 minutes, the perfect pizza baking temperature  (It is capable of higher temperatures if needed)

Ease of use – simplicity itself! just make and light your fire inside the oven, you will be surprised how quickly the temperature gauge rises before your eyes! When it reaches your desired temperature, pop your food inside, stand back and watch your food being cooked to perfection. The fire and temperature is easy to regulate with the help of air vents on the door. 

Cooking ranges – traditional low dome high heat Neapolitan ovens have difficulty cooking bread or other foods requiring lower but uniform heat. Equally traditional  Mediterranean brick ovens with high domes and lower heat ranges may not cook a pizza as quickly as an  Neapolitan oven with a 15” high pizza dome. The Maximus offers the perfect solution and the best of both worlds. It can reach very high temperatures for pizza but can also maintain lower heat for slow roasts bread, pasta, and rice dishes etc.

What's in the box


Wood-fired Oven,the only assembly required is to slot on flue (with vent) no tools required.

Door with vents

Spare Fire Brick


Artisan baking dish

Chimney and flue cap with damper

Stainless steel fire retaining plate

Oven is assembled and ready to use

Pizza Peel

How many Pizzas can I cook?
Maximus wood-fired oven can make lovely pizzas in just around 180 seconds. You can cook 2 x 12" pizzas at the once and produce around 40 of them in 1 hour!
What else can I cook in my oven? Can I cook bread?
Maximus wood-fired oven is not only for pizza! You can bake real wood fired rolls and bread, as well as pasta, fish, meat, and even desserts. Please see our images for a very limited selection of what can be cooked. This oven is capable of maintaining bread baking temperature over a long period of time, producing lovely crusty fresh bread!
 Can I cook meat in my wood-fired oven?
Yes, unlike a traditional BBQ these ovens will cook meat evenly from all sides, which keeps the natural juices inside. You will be pleasantly surprised at how juicy the meat cooks. Steaks, chops, sausages, ribs, chicken, and traditional meat dishes can be cooked in traditional clay dishes or metal ones trays. Remember to soak your clay pots for at least 40 min. in warm water before putting them in the oven (this allows for heat expansion and flexibility) remember - it's very hot inside!
 Can I use my oven indoors?
These are used in commercial applications around the world. It is important that these are installed by a HETAS registered fitter, and that all flues and vents comply to current building regulations. These must be used in accordance to your local councils clean air policy and are ok to use in smoke free zones if not used indoors.
Can I use my oven for camping trips?
 It is one of the many advantages of this oven that it is portable and fits in the boot of larger cars.
How much wood do they use?
This depends on what you are cooking and type of wood, around 2.5 kg per and hour is average
What is oven made from?
These are high quality ovens the Outside of the oven has an  aluminium wall, the floor has fire brick  tiles (tested), the front is refractory cement (Lafarge) brick design and the chimney is 100% Stainless steel
Are the ovens ok to be left outside all year?  
This oven have been tested under a real harsh Canadian winter season without any problems not even a single spec of rust! covers are available.
How long does it take to heat up?
It should get up to around 350º in about 20-30 minutes.
How long does it hold heat for?
It should hold around 220º for around 2 hours depending on outside temperature
Where is oven made?
Manufactured in Portugal by Impexfire Lda est 1971  who have 1000's of these patented  ovens  in use around the world.
How do I assemble my Maximus oven stand?
Video how to assemble the stand to your MAXIMUS can be viewed on you tube
 How hot is outside skin and base?
Because these are so well insulated the base and side wall are just warm to touch, the steel front door will be very hot!

 UK distributor - All our ovens are supplied with full manufacturers warranty