Maximus Prime Arena Wood-fired Piza Oven Commercial/Large Family Red or Black Pre Order via email please for August delivery



Commercial/Large Family  Maximus Prime Red or Black
Great business opportunity for restaurants and large families.
Inside Dimensions:
External Dimensions:
Width: 98cm
Depth: 99cm
Height: 77cm
Weight: 135kgs
Output: Up to 150 unit.(25cm) or 80 unit. (40cm) Pizzas Hour
Pizza Capacity: 5 pizzas 25cm - 3 Pizzas 40cm 
Wood consumption: 5kgs Hour
Outside: Aluminium wall

Insulated with Rockwool  maximum for heat retention (unlike some cheaper ovens)
The bricks need removing prior to travel if transported regularly in commercial applications
Inside: Stainless steel Double wall with high temperature ceramic blanket.
Floor: New Style fire bricks used for the cooking base are certified  to contain no toxic substances. Tested by Central laboratory Centro De Formacao Para A Industria De Ceramica Portugal accredited by NP EN ISO / IEC 17025:

Front: Refractory cement (Lafarge) and inside structure forged iron
Chimney: 100% Stainless steel
Shipped in a crate and wood crate.
  • -Heating time (300º): 20 minutes (1 hour (400º +)
  • -Weight: 135kg
  • -Ideal solution for restaurants, Pubs and catering business
  • -Economic: 5 kgs hour wood consumption
  • -Eco friend: 90% less smoke
  • -100% portable  (Three persons)

What's in the box

  • Door with vents
  • Spare Fire Brick
  • Thermometer
  • Artisan baking dish
  • Stainless steel fire retaining plate
  • Oven is assembled and ready to use
  • Flue and Cap
  • Pizza Peel 
What else can I cook in my oven? Can I cook bread?
Maximus wood-fired oven is not only for pizza! You can bake real wood fired rolls and bread, as well as pasta, fish, meat, and even desserts. Please see our images for a very limited selection of what can be cooked. This oven is capable of maintaining bread baking temperature over a long period of time, producing lovely crusty fresh bread!
 Can I cook meat in my wood-fired oven?
Yes, unlike a traditional BBQ these ovens will cook meat evenly from all sides, which keeps the natural juices inside. You will be pleasantly surprised at how juicy the meat cooks. Steaks, chops, sausages, ribs, chicken, and traditional meat dishes can be cooked in traditional clay dishes or metal ones trays. Remember to soak your clay pots for at least 40 min. in warm water before putting them in the oven (this allows for heat expansion and flexibility) remember - it's very hot inside!
 Can I use my oven indoors?
These are used in commercial applications around the world. It is important that these are installed by a HETAS registered fitter, and that all flues and vents comply to current building regulations. These must be used in accordance to your local councils clean air policy. these are ok to use in smoke free zones if not used indoors.
 What is oven made from?
These are high quality ovens the Outside of the oven has an aluminum wall, the floor has refractory tiles, the front is refractory cement (Lafarge) brick design and the chimney is  100% Stainless steel
Are the ovens ok to be left outside all year?  
This oven have been tested under a real harsh Canadian winter season without any problems not even a single spec of rust!
How long does it take to heat up?
It should get up to around 350º in about 20-30 minutes.
How long does it hold heat for?
 It should hold around 220º for around 2 hours depending on outside temperature
Where is oven made?
Manufactured in Portugal by Impexfire lda,  who have 1000's of these patented  ovens  in use around the world.