Indi Tour Canoe Paddle 160cm



Lahna Indi Tour Canoe Paddle 160cm  

A high quality paddle laminated in several layers from standard pine. Each paddle is heavily varnished with a reinforced blade. Comfort grip shaped handle, 30mm shaft  with a broad blade (16 cm) super strong tip reinforced with wedge. Suitable both for canoes and boats.

 Lahnakoski is a family enterprise specialised in manufacturing of oars and paddles, with long traditions as a supplier of equipment for boats and canoes. Our operations were launched in the 1930s when Lennart Sandström started the manufacture of furniture and hay rakes, among others. Later on, Lennart’s sons became involved in the business, and the manufacture of oars and paddles commenced in the early 1960s. Now the company is in the hands of the third generation, and the manufacturing volume is approx. 100,000 pairs of oars per year. Over the years, Lahna products have become a concept for all those moving on water. 

 Tips for the selection of a Canoe paddle

When you are sitting in the canoe and the blade of the paddle is completely under water, the handle of the paddle should be between your eye and shoulder line. If you do not have your canoe handy when you are buying a paddle, it is advisable to choose a paddle that reaches to your chin. The most ordinary lengths are from 125 to 160 cm.

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