H2o M5 Neoprene Well Nut Inc A4 Stainless Steel Pozi Screw (Pack 6) Long Type (D)



Well Nuts The ultimate Fixing (Pack of 6)   Extra Long
Grip Range 8-16mm 
40 mm Screws
25 mm Long Well Nut
Simple to install
Drill Size 10mm
A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Place 'Well-Nut' insert all the way into the pre-drilled hole until the flange is firmly against the mounting surface.
Pass the machine screw through the part to be fastened and tighten until snug
'Well Nut', a flanged neoprene bushing with a captive brass nut, is designed to provide a shock and vibration resistant fixing for engineering structures. This demountable blind screw anchor is suitable for applications of many kinds in many conditions, in materials from thin gauge metals to plastic sheet up to 16.5mm thick; a high rate of radial expansion even allows use in blind holes in solid materials.
Access needed to only one side of the workpiece
Used with standard metric machine screws
Fastens in blind, burr-free holes
Can be used in closed end holes
Will not mar prefinished surfaces
Helps seal out ambient moisture
Absorbs noise
Electrically isolating
Dampens vibration and shock
Helps prevent galvanic corrosion
Ideal for metal-to-plastic and other mixed material assemblies
Resistant to ozone and weathering in outdoor conditions
Suitable for marine applications
Removable and reusable
Snap-in feature to facilitate assembly line use