H2o Excursion SOT Family Kayak 2 + 1


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Packed with fantastic features and quality, the new family 2 + 1 (Two adults One Child) H2o Excursion SOT is  great value Sit on Top Kayak,  which is affordable and suitable for any family wanting to give kayaking a go. 
The Excursion  has been designed to offer a kayak with a slightly larger cockpits, suitable for all sizes and abilities even taller users.
These kayaks are manufactured from high grade roto moulded Exxon Mobil LLDPE plastic unlike many cheaper  kayaks which are manufactured from low grade HDPE plastic. These kayaks are virtually indestructible  and will provide fun for all the family for years.
Package deal includes, 2 x toggle handles,  luggage net in the rear, 2 x 8' extra large hatches with bag, 4 flush mount rod holders, scupper plugs, deluxe seat, paddle keep and a two part paddle.
Great hull design allows these kayaks to track well and cut though the water with ease. High side chine’s makes these boats extremely stable and easy to paddle.

  •  1 x 8 inch hatches
  •  2 High Back Seats
  •  Paddle float rescue attachment points
  •  4 flush mount rod holders
  •  Stainless steel built in attachment points
  •  Moulded in side carry handles
  •  Scupper plugs included
  •  Large rear keel for greater directional control

Ideal for fishing, surfing the waves, cruising the river and having fun
Weight: 32kg Length: 370cm Width: 86cm Height: 40cm Load Capacity: 2500kg
Not Suitable for white water
(please note - weight rating for kayaks are a maximum load capacity. It is not recommended to over load a kayak as this will impact performance and traction through the water)

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