H2o Canoe/Kayak Storage Hoist System


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H2o  Canoe/Kayak Storage Hoist System
Free up valuable floor space in your storage shed or garage

Includes two 8’3" x 2" hanging straps

One person operation


This is heavy duty system designed to lift up to 100lb, these are not comparable to cheap push bike SYSTEMS WHICH ARE NOT DESIGNED to lift canoes or kayaks.

Allow 40cm from ceiling to bottom of hooks
Easily store your canoe or kayak up and out of the way with this even-pulling, two-rope hoist system. One-person operation. Safety release mechanism. Can be used to store bicycles, ladders and many other bulky, cumbersome items. Mount directly to ceiling studs or surface mount to finished ceilings. Includes mounting hardware. 100-lb. maximum lift.