H2o Asymmetrical Kayak Paddle 220cm Yellow Blade Blue Shaft



H2o  Asymmetrical 220cm Paddle (Two Part Yellow Blue Shaft ) This is a great economically priced paddle which is Durable...Versatile...and inexpensive! this two piece Paddle is 2.20 metres long, it has a lightweight aluminium shaft and heavy duty and plastic blade. Its two piece construction allows you to adjust the paddle rotation. finished with black sleeve grip handles and drip rings. Quick release 3 button design separates paddle for easy storage and adjustment. Suitable as a backup or starter paddle for novice and accomplished kayakers alike. New feathered blade design allows for a more efficient stroke Two piece construction for easy storage 3 locking positions for ease of use Adjustable drip guards Vinyl grips for comfort Comes in 2 popular sizes Blade angle adjustable, 3 positions: 0 Degrees In Line 65 Degrees 75 Degrees.

Paddler Height Sizing (outline guide)

4'8" - 5'10 220cm

5'6" - 6'2" 230cm

Not Recomended for white water use.

Weight 950 grams

Blade is 45cm Long x 18cm Wide