Gorenc Bell BBQ, Cast Iron Dutch Oven 37cm

£129.00 £99.00


Made out of cast iron of the highest quality, extremely robust and sturdy, and allows you to produce wonderful meals.

A dutch oven offers a unique way of preparing delicious food, including everything from fragrant bread, octopus and chicken, to exquisite roast pork or crunchy pizza. The food out of a dutch oven will win you over with its distinctive flavour and aroma, because the food and the spices mix really well while they are being cooked, and they do not lose any of their juices or aromas. 

Cooking with a dutch oven has a certain trick to it – it requires fine charcoal. Place the cooking pot in the middle, completely horizontally. Cover the pan and the lid with charcoal. Check on the food regularly. Remove the charcoal from the lid, take a peek inside, and add or remove more charcoal when necessary.