Universal Aluminium/Ash Canoe Motor Mount


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Made in the   USA by experienced craftsman.

Made with 3/8" polished aluminium 2 1/2" wide.  This is one rugged mount and will hold up to years of abuse.  The wood is 2" solid  Maine ash dipped with waterproof varnish and cut at an angle so the motor will set up straight . This mount is also 28 1/2" long making it longer than most so when the motor is turned all the way it does not hit the canoe side. This mount will work on just about all canoes.  It is adjustable to width and reversible for switching to either side of the canoe.  The brackets are 1/4" aluminium angle that hook solid under the gunnels of the canoe.  Holds up to 2 hp motor. We recommend you use a lanyard to attach out board to boat.