Universal Ash Canoe Motor Mount


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This canoe motor mount is very strong.  Made with 1 1/4" solid Maine ash, 2 1/2" wide.  This is one rugged mount that will hold up to years of abuse.  The wood block is 1 1/2" solid Maine ash dipped in waterproof varnish and cut at an angle so your motor will set up straight when mounted on your canoe.

The mounting block is a two piece system that is mounted half on top and half on bottom to make the mount stronger.  Two carriage bolts and lock nuts hold the blocks together for super strength and low mounting of the motor to keep the canoe more stable on the water.
The mount is 28 1/2" long making it longer than most so when the motor is turned all the way it does not hit the canoe side.  The mount is adjustable to width.  The mounting brackets are 1/4" aluminium angle that hooks solid under the gunnels of the canoe with 3/8 carriage bolts and are easy to tighten down star knobs are to hold the mount tight and secure to the canoe.
The mount will hold up to a 2 Hp motor and fits on just about all canoes.  Always tether the mount and motor to canoe is case it becomes lose.
Made in the   USA by experienced craftsman.