Sun Dolphin Mackinaw 156 SS Deluxe Canoe Square Stern


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he Mackinaw 156 SS Square Stern  This deluxe Canoe is supplied with lots of features that most families will find useful. A cool box moulded into the centre seat, drink holders moulded into each of the three seats and a dry storage compartment located next to the cooler. This canoe can be transported on a good quality car roof rack.

The hull of the 156 is made of a high-density single skin Fortiflex® polyethylene (please contact us if you would like a sample) which makes the boat extremely durable, stable, light and manoeuvrable and will resist normal abrasion very well. The hull is UV-stabilized (so you will not have to worry about sun fading and damaging your boat). The deck and hull are covered by a two year Manufactures warranty.

This canoe will provide years of fun for family and friends. With a working capacity of 327 kgs, the canoe is large enough to carry three adults and their equipment on an extended trip. This canoe will manoeuvre into spots other longer canoes would find troublesome. With a width of 40 inches and keel it is a very forgiving family canoe when it comes to stability, and is ideal for exploring slow moving rivers, lakes and canals.


Capacity for Three

Convenient Features

Optimizing Stability

Durability of Fortiflex®  polyethylene 

Two Years Limited Manufactures Warranty



CE (Category D)

Maximum Outboard (Electric Only) 1kW


(Not suitable for white water).

Category D Boats designed for trips on small lakes, rivers and straits, during which the wind may blow up to and including Force 4 on the Beaufort scale and the waves may reach 0.5m significant height at the very most.


      Length    4.72  metres
      Width     101 cm
      Height      47 cm  (Max End)
      Weight      48Kg
      Capacity   327Kg

Price Includes:

 2 Lightweight  Canoe  Paddles!  



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